Your term paper should explore a recognized DSM-V disorder.

Your term paper should explore a recognized DSM-V disorder. Some disordersthat appear in childhood should be avoided as this course focus is on adulthoodpsychopathology.See list. – Your paper should address the following: A definitive clinical picture of the disorder you are researching.(Short description).You should include the following:Symptoms Prevalence rates – one line Cultural variables – Is this a Western bound disorder or is it foundall over the world such as schizophrenia?Age of onset. What is the average age when symptoms appear that leadto a diagnosis?Gender features (ex. Bipolar is equally common among men and women;major depression is seen 2X more in women then in men etc.)Etiology ( e.g. Is it due to biology e.g. schizophrenia, bipolar, oris it trauma based or a combination?)Course (will it be a lifelong chronic course e.g. schizophrenia orrelatively short episodes e.g. depression?)Current treatment -What is the most effective treatment for yourchosen disorder?Prognosis of the disorder you are researching. What is the end resultyou expect to see with regard to the symptom picture? E.g. What would thesymptom picture look like when the person is 70. E.g. Would the client stillhave to be on medication- APA style is required for title and reference page. – Must be double spaced (12pt type and Times New Roman)- Must have within text citations. THIS IS A MUST- Articles, the DSM-V, books, and online sources are fine BUT NOWIKAPEDIA.