You can use internet. I will also send some helpful material

You can use internet. I will also send some helpful materials after selecting a tutor. This is my final report, please make it perfect. Below are the Questions:Submit a report on the Following questions:Question 1) we discussed in detail the delay based PUFs in class, do a survey on bistable PUFs. You may want to include following points in your discussion. a) Names of PUFs, and when they were proposed b) Discuss whether the covered PUFs are strong or Weak PUF. c) Implementation details d) Security analysis against threats. e) Effects of environment and aging on these PUFs.(25 Points)Question 2) Discuss the different types of non-volatile memory storage for keys used in the past. Write the threat models with the possible attacks. Discuss how PUFs are a suitable candidate to protect keys from those attacks.(25 Points) QuestionQ3) Do a survey on FPGA based designs security threats and counter measures.Please provide separate answers to the questions. give me an individual report for each question….