You are to type a 650 word, cause and effect essay, followin

You are to type a 650 word, cause and effect essay, following MLA format. The paper will lose 10 points if it does not meet the word length requirement. The paper will not be accepted and will receive an F if it does not follow MLA format. You are NOT to do research for this essay; however, the “Time for School” link on the “Links” page in Blackboard may be helpful in writing this essay.Write this essay in third person. You are not to write in first or second person.Your introduction must introduce and demonstrate that the situation or event exists in a way that interests a general audience. Do NOT start your introductory paragraph with the thesis statement.Your essay must have a thesis sentence that indicates the topic (event or situation) and the main point you will illustrate within the body of the essay. The body of your essay must present logical, directly related, detailed examples or evidence of the causes and the effects. You are writing about real probabilities not certainties; therefore, do not try to solve any problems or give any advice.Be sure to use transitions to help link ideas and to move from one idea to another.Consider leaving the best or most important example for last.The conclusion of your essay must emphasize your purpose and leave the essay with a sense of completion. Do not introduce new ideas in your conclusion.Proofread for and correct any mechanical or grammatical errors.Write your essay on any one of the following topics:The causes and the effects of getting an education; orThe causes and the effects of resisting education; orThe causes and the effects of family/community support on education.You must bring a typed copy for peer editing on Wednesday, March 22, or you are absent.The paper will lose 10 points if it is not uploaded to Blackboard by 11:59 p.m., March 26, 2017,The hardcopy of the essay, the receipt, and the reflective journal must be turned in March 27, 2017, or the paper will receive an F.