You are the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your chosen

You are the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your chosen organizationand are faced with a difficult leadership challenge. As the leader, you will need to develop a winning strategy (aka Strategic Leadership Plan) to move your organization to greater productivity, growth, and/or profitability. Choose your organization from the following list:• General Motors (GM)• Carnival (CCL)• JC Penny (JCP)• BlackBerry (BBRY) *All course assignmentswill support the development of your final Strategic Leadership Plan and your Boardroom Pitch, both due inweek 5 of this course. For this assignment, provide an overview of your organization and begin researching the current leadership challenge your organization is facing to determine what challenge you will address.Write a 1-2 page paper according to following criteria: • Overview of Organization§ What does your organization do?§ What are its core competencies?§ What is the organization’s mission and vision?§ What market industry is it in?§ Where does it operate?§ Who are its customers?§ What is itsrelevant history?§ Etc. • Explain why you chose the organization and what leadership challenge you will address. While researching your chosen organization, familiarize yourself with the following:• The company website.• Information on business websites such as CNBC and Yahoo Finance.• Use your WSJ account to follow and research articles written about your organization.