You are asked to develop a Marketing Plan for one of your pr

You are asked to develop a Marketing Plan for one of your preferred choice of an existing hospitality firm within the service industry which include lodging, theme parks, foodservice organisations etc. The Marketing Plan should cover a period of three years. This should be presented in report format. The marketing audit part of the plan should be concise and insightful. As a guideline it should not exceed 1500 words (excluding headings, references and diagrams, but including any tables that you may choose to use) and should conclude with a SWOT analysis, which should briefly and succinctly summarise the strategically important issues for the selected hospitality firm. As a guideline, the remaining part of your marketing plan should not exceed 2000 words.You are expected to use material in the lectures extensively and also be aware of and take into account of relevant information about contemporary events that may affect the company from newspaper articles, company annual reports etc. Word Length 3500 words. CHOOSE YOU OWN FIRM WHICHEVER YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH.JUST READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY.guidelines are given in the attached document.Attachments: corportae_marketing_issues_full_guidelines.pdf