Written Assignment: Applying an Ethical Theory

Choose either utilitarian or deontological ethical theory to apply to the issue you defined in the Week 1 assignment.Explain the main features of that theory.Show how the theory leads to a certain position on that issue.Articulate a relevant objection to the theory on the basis of that argument.Instructions

Write a five paragraph essay. The paper must be 600 to 900 words in length (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. Resources Requirement:You must use at least two scholarly resources from the Required Resources  to support your claims. You are encouraged to use additional resources, but at least two must be from the required resources.At least one of the resources should directly represent the theory you have chosen.The other source should pertain to the particular issue you are writing about.The textbook does not count toward the resource requirement!Cite your sources within the body of your paper and on the reference page in APA format.