Write three response papers this semester,Your primary goal

Write three response papers this semester,Your primary goal in these papers is to discuss the satiric intent of the film, identifying the target(s) of its humor, the degree to which it offers a corrective, and the general argument it is making about whatever issue(s) it addresses.Your secondary goal is to identify mechanisms that enable the satire. Doing so is how you A) identify the film’s satiric intent, and B) evaluating how well the film delivers its satire. The mechanisms you discuss will range from narrative considerations (plot, dialog, characters) to more technical aspects of film making (editing, lighting, composition etc).These papers are not meant to be long: three pages is a rough guideline, although I don’t think you can get very far if it’s much shorter than that.I will be grading you primarily on how well you write, which ranges from basic grammar to sentence construction to paragraph construction to the overall argument. I will not be grading the ‘correctness’ of your analysis–even if I think you’re absolutely wrong about something interpretive, I’ll leave that out of the grading. I will be grading you on the construction of the argument and the degree to which you talk about the things I’ve asked you to talk about.Finally, these papers aren’t fully researched arguments. If you look something up, cite it, but your focus here is on organizing your initial response to the film and getting your thoughts in order. This is more an organized, thoughtful initial response than a full-blown, academic argument.1.Response Paper – Shaun of the Dead (Response Paper – Shaun of the Dead)2.Turnitin Assignment NameResponse Paper – This is Spinal TapSummary3Turnitin Assignment NameResponse Paper – HeathersSummary4Response Paper – Birdman (Part 1)5Response Paper – Life of Brian (Part 1)————————Chose only 3 of them .