Write a&nbspQt&nbspapplication that presents a graphical user inte

Write a Qt application that presents a graphical user interface for the RESTful CRUD operations implemented in the previous assignment.The credentials to connect to the database are as follows: username=“root” and password=“root”The following examples illustrate the RESTful CRUD operations that your application should support:http://localhost/hw1.php?op=insert&temperature=78.34&long=85.2343242&lat=-34.35233&description=Room-A-214&time=20160514201633 http://localhost/hw1.php?op=udate&id=3&temperature=81.34http://localhost/hw1.php?op=delete&id=7http://localhost/hw1.php?op=listallhttp://localhost/hw1.php?op=getdetails&id=2http://localhost/hw1.php?op=getlatest The response of all of these operations must be in VISUAL (i.e., a form will be presented to the user to perform insert, update, delete, and list operations). Further, the response of this operation http://localhost/hw1.php?op=table must animate the temperature going from 0 to its recorded value in blue color if the temperature is less than 40, orange color if it is less than 80, and red if it is greater than 80. Submit the soft copy of your ZIP file named “hw2.zip” that has your Qtproject folder and hw1.php file via email:   demonstrate your application working on an Android phone. demonstrate your application working on an iPhone. run it in mydesxtop via teamviewer