write about 600 words&nbsp&nbsp&nbspuse own words&nbsp&nbspParagraph*I. Exp

write about 600 words   use own words  Paragraph*I. Explain the filmmaker’s thesis—the main point or points that he is trying to make in the film.  (This is nota description or summary of the film; it is an explanation of the director’s purpose, the central idea or ideas around which the film is organized). Also include a brief discussion of the scope of the film–the subject of the film and the time and geographical area that it covers (i.e. what the film is about).  Like the thesis, this should take no more than a sentence or two.  You should also include information about the director and the principal actors, writers, and production staff involved in the film 2.Next 2 paragraphs.  Give a broad, general summary of the film.  You cannot in 2 paragraphs summarize the entire film, but you can give description of the plot (1 paragraph) and a discussion of the major dramatic action (second paragraph).    3.Next 3-4 paragraphs.  Analyze with specific examples the depiction or race and racial issues in the film.  This should include both issues of plot, dialog, and dramatic action (content) and visual images; it should address not just the depiction of blacks, but the depiction or all racial groups depicted or discussed in the film.  4.Last paragraph.  Assess the film and its racial vision.  Do not tell me whether or not you liked it or found it interesting, but briefly tell me how successful the filmmaker was in achieving his objectives (thesis) presenting his racial vision; also note briefly the relationship of this film the its historical context. You may also cite briefly the strengths and weaknesses of the film (if you wish), but make sure address the other points listed for this section. *A paragraph should be 1/2 to 3/4 pages in length.  Do not write paragraphs that are too short or too long!