Write a brief reflection paper which addresses the following

Write a brief reflection paper which addresses the following: 1. Reflection on a growth mindset: • Read the brief article on the science behind a growth mindset • Think about a time you faced adversity and overcame it Describe the situation Explain the adversity/challenge Explain what actions you took to overcome this adversity or challenge…bespecific Explain how the situation worked out Explain what you learned from this experience 2. Reflection on your own college experience: • Think about how having a growth mind set (i.e., believing your brain can grow andchange when one stretches to learn new things) helped you succeed in college • Share your experience with a potentially at risk younger student Please be specific Describe your advice, why it is important, and how you learned this lesson(the situation, what you did, how it worked out) How could you convince him/her that intelligence expands with hard work How can you convince him/her that he/she will be more likely to remain inschool and put effort into learning if he/she has a growth mindset