Which action by student groups in the 1960s was inspired by the example of Rosa Parks during the 1950s?

Which action by student groups in the 1960s was inspired by the example of Rosa Parks during the 1950s?

The correct answers to the questions are highlighted and an explanation is needed for all answers (correct and incorrect). One support sentence for each answer will be great!

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Answer A/F is _________ because

Answer B/G is _________ because

Answer C/H is _________ because

Answer D/J is __________ because

How did the actions of the Tuskegee Airmen contribute to the Civil Rights Movement?

The unit was able to desegregate effectively during a conflict.

G. The unit performed wartime service that increased calls for equality.

The unit provided covert military aid before the outbreak of the war.

The unit employed an unbreakable code for battlefield communications.

Which situation led the United States government to create the Works Progress Administration?

Economic hardships caused by the Great Depression

The expansion of national parks to meet public demand

Social instability caused by the return of World War 1 veterans

The sale of western lands to railroad companies by homesteaders

Many economists believe that financing government programs through deficit spending has been effective for which purpose?

Controlling inflation during period of economic growth

Stimulating demand during period of economic recession

Reducing interest rates during period of economic stagnation

Advancing new technology during period of economic recovery

What justification did expansionists present to support their foreign policy in the late 19th century?

The United States must meet consumer demand for foreign goods.

The United States must complete with other nations for new territory.

The United States must provide new territories for a growing population.

The United States must promote industrial development in foreign countries.

How did the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 signal a departure from Iaissez-faire capitalism?

It curbed the power of railroads through regulation
It mandated government influenced federal responses to public opinion.
It required government approval for railroad expansion.
It destroyed the power of railroads through nationalization.

Which action by student groups in the 1960s was inspired by the example of Rosa Parks during the 1950s?

Holding mass protest marches

Integrating public transportation

Registering African American voters

Creating a separate African American culture

How did Germany’s use of unrestricted submarine warfare provoke the United States to enter World War 1?

F It generated anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States

G It result in the loss of lives of United States citizens

H It created competition for international markets

J It established new rules for naval battles

During the Populist era, what was the primary argument against adopting the silver standard?

Monetary policy should be regulated by a central bank.

Changing the basis for currency would result in inflation.

Issuing more currency would cause a series of bank runs.

Monetary policy should be based on agricultural productivity.

How did the division of Germany after World War II affected the relationship between the Soviet Union and the United States?


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