What I want you to doAfter you have read Chapter 7 (Theatre

What I want you to do:After you have read Chapter 7 (Theatre Spaces) go to the Internet and locate the websites for TWOlocal theatres that present live performing arts (not movie theatres). Answer the questions below for each of the TWO theatresQuestions to answer:1. What is the name of theatre and what city is it located in?2. What type of theatre is it – proscenium, thrust, arena or multi-function? 3. Find two shows that are coming up at the theatre – what types of shows does the theatre generally present? 4. Find a picture of the stage or a seating chart for the theatre and copy it into your assignment (if available).Heres the name of the bookTheatre The Lively Art 9th Edwin Wilson and Alvin Goldfarb McGraw Hill 978­0­07­351430­7