Reflection Paper 2 Submissions
We have read and watched, in the two You Tube clips from the Judaism and Christianity chapters, that monotheistic proselytizing religions have often been blamed for colonizing or destroying indigenous and foreign religions. Today, most of the world’s monotheists live in countries that were once colonized by Portugal, France, Britain, Spain, Germany or other European countries. Because of this history, some critics of monotheism have argued that monotheistic religions are bad neighbors to other religions. Your task in this prompt is to reflect on this critique in light of what we have read about the history, practice, and teachings of Monotheistic faiths.click here for more information on this paperWriting Prompt:Based on the readings and the YouTube clips we have watched explain whether or or not the teachings and practices of  monotheistic faiths are helpful resources for becoming neighbors with the other non-monotheistic faiths we have studied? Explain why or why not. Organizational Guidelines:Introduction:Introduce the position you are taking and clearly explain in a sentence or two why you are taking the position.Paragraph One:Discuss the historical events, practices or teachings that you think make monotheistic religion a good neighbor or a bad neighbor. (Be sure to use information from Brodd text and YouTube clips.)Paragraph Two:Expound on what you have articulated in paragraph one or present other relevant historical, events, or teachings.*Note: You may not see a need to take two paragraphs here if not continue to the next point.Paragraph Two or Three:Discuss what monotheist stand to learn from other religions, which we have read, that could make them better neighbors. Or, if you think Christians are good neighbors discuss what you think the other religions we have read could learn from monotheism.(Expound on this point as you see fit.)*Note: Choose only one or two religions here. You do not need to discuss all of the religions we have read. You also could choose to group the religions if you find they hold one thing in common that is distinct from monotheistic faith.Paragraph Four: Conclusionclick here for more information on this paperRestate and summarize your argument. Discuss what you think is the future for monotheism as it is faced with coming to terms with an awareness of religious diversity. Word Processing Guidelines 1. 12pt font2. 1 inch margins3. 800 words maximum4. For referencing please use the parenthetical formatExamples: (Brodd, 23); (YouTube, Judaism); or (YouTube, Christianity). Helpful Guiding Questions:What events or concepts in the history and practice of monotheism do you think make it susceptible to dominating the religions of its neighbors?What events or concepts in the history and practice of monotheism make it the ideal neighbor to other religions?What might monotheists learn, from the religions we have read, that might make Christians better neighbors to the world’s religions? Or, what can Christians teach practitioners of the religions we have read so far that might make them better neighbors?


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