Now is the time you’ve been waiting for: to write your own short story.
Consider the six common elements of the short story including character, point of view, plot, setting and context, conflict and tension, and crisis and resolution.
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word short story that uses each of the six elements listed above.

Grammar and punctuation variations are acceptable if they serve the needs of the piece.

Note: You do not have to use a particular style, such as MLA or APA, as this is a creative writing assignment.

Assignment 2
This assignment allows you to express your views about your creativity.
Imagine now that you are being interviewed for a literary magazine.
Use a Question and Answer formatwhere you create and answer questions in 350 words regarding what you learned from writing your short story.
Create questions and provide your responses that describe the use of plot, character, setting, and theme in your short story.
Note: You do not need to use a particular style, such as MLA or APA, for this particular type of assignment but include a title page

 What are the connections between being a reader and a writer?

One of the things I enjoy about reading is how an author describes a scene and the descriptions of characters.  My change in perspective is influenced by what I have read, and I would assume that the influence changes base around the reader.  One thing I can say with some certainty is even the person who hates to read the most will find some perspective or inspiration from reading.  I have found that if I am having difficulty writing, or tacking a topic reading about it or around it can inspire my creative side to tackle the subject at hand.

Mike post
What are the connections between being a reader and a writer?
 A writer may have to conduct research on the topic in which they are writing about. I believe one of the biggest reasons why is so they can connect with their readers that enjoy that topic. For example, My wife is a huge history buff and likes the historical romance books. It drives her absolutely crazy when reading and the cultural norms or any stated facts are either not true or only partially true. Another thing that will cause her to completely stop reading and disconnect from a book is bad grammar. Writers definitely need to work harder to try to connect with readers, readers tend to either connect with the writer’s work or they don’t.

Lisa post
 What are the connections between being a reader and a writer?
We can learn to be more open minded when it comes to reading new material. I always try to keep an open mind when reading new material even if it’s something I’m not into. When I was in high school and we read books I didn’t enjoy but I knew I had to finish I kept an open mind and figured someone somewhere would be interested in it. Reading personally sometimes I have a hard time keeping and open mind especially if the writers words aren’t painting a picture for me and I’m not seeing the story in my mind. I always start with an open mind it’s whether or not the writer can keep it. 


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