Week 5 discussion deals with Cloud Computing and its concern

Week 5 discussion deals with Cloud Computing and its concerns. Theterm Cloud Computing services refers to many things and many types ofservices. Generally speaking there is PaaS, SaaS, IaaS & MaaS. Oneof the biggest supplier of cloud computing services is Amazon.Amazon makes it possible for many organization to take advantage of itweb portal services, so that these organizations do not have to developtheir own capabilities. Companies like Kaplan and Unilever take advantage of services provided by Amazon.An organization is contemplating cloud computing services, but isnot sure at what level of service the organization should commit to.Based on your reading and your understanding, please provide which ofthe cloud services would you recommend and why. Please provide yourjustification for your recommendation. Also provide any pros and cons that you might consider for theservice you are recommending. Are there any legal considerations forcloud computing?