Week 02 – Sensual and Perpetual TheoriesBackground Informati

Week 02 – Sensual and Perpetual TheoriesBackground InformationIBM is one of the most staid, corporate images and brands in America. Three simple capital letters in a block font, conjures images of traditional corporate America. Please view the following PowerPoint presentation on the history behind the logo.IBM Logo HistoryOver the last few years, IBM has embarked on a series of virtual brainstorming sessions with its employees. Using their ‘Jam’ technology, these online discussions resulted in the re-development of the company value statement. Reflecting the needs of business, marketplace, and employee, the values are:’Dedication to every client’s success”Innovation that matters – for our company and for the world”Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships’Search the IBM website (http://www.ibm.com) for more information on the values and mission of the organization.AssignmentYour assignment is to re-create the brand image for IBM by redoing the visual identity concept (logo) for old-school IBM. This assignment has four parts:You will need to completely re-design the IBM logo. This is your chance to be creative. Use Word, PowerPoint, or any other application with which you are familiar (it should support text and/or images) to design the new logo. The logo should represent the values of the organization.Using PowerPoint create a presentation to ‘sell’ your logo. It will be 3-5 slides long. The first slide describes the features of the new logo. Include the logo itself, along with text describing the color selection, font choice, image choice (if used), etc.For the second slide create a one-page ad that combines images, words, and the logo itself, that introduces the ‘new’ IBM to the employees, customers, and shareholders.For the last few slides, develop a written rationale as to how your design addresses the values of the organization and how the new logo would be perceived by the employees, customers, and shareholders. These three, very different audiences may perceive the logo in very different ways.Must be well written, Intro, Body, Conclusion.  If there is something particular you show, the paragraph must explain, prove, and provide evidence.  Visual commnication also use color, form, depth, and movement to explain.  USe these words in the paper and also use the attached information and source for citing. Use the website listed above for more information.   Attachments: ibm_logo_history.ppt ebook_citation_visual_media.docx