Watching video and read PPT, answer following question (NO

Watching video and read PPT, answer following question: (NO coping or pasting plz)1. What does a small hardware store like Cox have to do in terms of inventory management so they can compete with their larger counterparts like Lowes and Home Depot? Is it different inventory management?2. What happens to you, the store, and the manufacturer when you walk into the store to buy a 2-litre Diet Coke and it’s not on the shelf? List all scenarios and their implications. 3. Does it make sense to buy in bulk as depicted in the video Big Bang Theory? Why or why not? 4. What are the benefits for the manufacturer and the consumer with bulk purchases?Modernizing Inventory Management: Management Best Practices with Cox Hardware: Chain Optimization: Preventing Out of Stock: To Avoid Inventory Stockouts – Business Quick Tips: Big Bang Theory – Tampon Talk: Commercials – Beer Makes Women Beautiful: om5-12.pptx 13_inventory.pptx