Watch film and answer 4 questions

  film: warm bodies (2013)

no extra sources required   

 short answers

1. Consider the two types of “monsters” in the film—the zombies (like R) and the bonies.

a. What is the difference between the zombies and the bonies?

b. How does “nature vs nurture” help to explain the transformation of zombies (like R) toward the end of the film?

2. How do the humans and the zombies justify their actions toward the bonies? Make sure to explain how they are defining “humanity” in this scenario. 

3. Discuss an example from Warm Bodies that shows this film conveys a message of hope. Make sure that you identify an example, and then explicitly discuss how it shows hope.

4. Explain how the message of hope in Warm Bodies (your discussion to question 3) is different from the nihilism in Night of the Living Dead.