W8 Final ProjectBaseball and the American ExperienceFinal Pr

W8 Final ProjectBaseball and the American ExperienceFinal ProjectIn a minimum of 1000 words, describe why baseball is America’s past-time. As part of your paper, you can share some of your memories of baseball. How did baseball mirror society (good and bad?) as a reflection of American society? Per Grantham Guidelines, your assignment must be submitted properly in APA format and in a word document. Be sure you cite all of your sources, and you must show direct evidence of integrating your textbook once per chapter as part of your final exam. Your paper should include at least one resource from the library. Grading Criteria AssignmentsMaximum PointsMeets or exceeds established assignment criteria40Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts20Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts30Uses proper mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling10Total100