VIETNAMThe only requirement for the selection of the article

VIETNAMThe only requirement for the selection of the article is that it should be relevant to the class topics and discuss a business risk situation faced by a particular company or companies while operating in the selected/assigned foreign country. An example of an excellent article would be: Simon Montlake. “Cave In: Freeport-McMoRan Digs a Heap of Trouble in Indonesia.” Forbes, January 26, 2012. You are welcome to consult with me about the relevance of your selected article/s before committing to it.How to structure your individual presentations:First, Description. What is the event that the article talks about? Please identify clearly the situation revealed by the current-event article, by providing answers to the five key questions: Who/What; When; Where; How; and Why.Second, Analysis. Please evaluate and assess critically the situation by using the theoretical framework and the major concepts that were discussed in class.Please prepare detailed slides (you can use the notes option below each slide) since I will be grading your presentations based mainly on your slides.