Using the the information given in the “Thinkers Outlineâ€

Using the the information given in the “Thinkers Outline” asthe backbone of your presentation, write an essay introducing Philosophy bytechnique of “historical sweep”.  Beginwith a ten to twelve word
thesis statement, which includes the definition ofPhilosophy and encapsules the entire essay. Then follow this opening statementwith a historical sweep of Philosophy. Include the names and dates of the fourteen philosophers discussed inthis course and the main idea for each one. Identify the books they wrote, ifthey wrote any, and a short answer concerning “one” major theme discussed fromeach book.  Incorporate into your essaythe theme “reality has a beginning, a middle, and an end”.  Comment on this theme once from materialdiscussed before the fourteen Philosophers, three times from material discussedduring the fourteen Philosophers, and once from material discussed after thefourteen Philosophers.
Ok thats the assignment. I already have my thesis, the yearsof the 14 philosophers I should write about and some of the books. My Teachertold us its 14 philosophers, 19 books total (5 of which belong to Plato) but Iam clearly missing 3 of the books somewhere. Below is the name of the philosophersand the books Ive found so far:
1. Anaxagoras- ?
2. Democritus- ?
3. Socrates- ?
4. Plato- Republic, Timaeus, Apology, Phaedo
5. Aristotle- De Caelo, Physica, Metaphysica
6. Descartes- Principles of Philosophy
7. Spinoza- Ethics
8. Leibniz- Discourse of Metaphysica
9. Hume- Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
10. Kant- Critique of Pure Reason
11. Kierkegaard- Concluding Unscientific Postscript
12. Russell- Problems of Philosophy
13. Sarte- No Exit
14. Kitcher- Believing where we cannot prove
I only have 16 books out of the 19. Also can you share onemain theme in each that relates to ‘reality has a beginning a middle andan end’, no need for huge explorations