Use&nbspthe West Assignment Template to compose this paper.Writ

Use the West Assignment Template to compose this paper.Write the rough draft of your approximately 750-word paper. Include all of the elements as the final draft, as if you were submitting this draft for your final grade.Include the following elements: An introduction and thesis statement (from your Week 4 assignment, revised, if necessary, according to instructor feedback.)Three to six body paragraphs that support your thesis statement (including the one from your Week 4 assignment, revised if necessary).A conclusion that summarizes your main ideas and includes a call to action for resolving this problem. Provide evidence of the problem and possible solutions. Support your ideas with credible sources.  At least two (2) academically appropriate references and citations from the University LibraryEnsure your writing is clear, concise, and grammatically correct.Format your paper according to the West Writing Style Handbook. Be attentive to overall format, your in-text citations, and the sources on your reference page.Submit your paper for grading.Please use the template attached to the post, Please use the topic and the information stated on the file figueroamiguelw4Attachments: west_assignment_template_1.doc figueroamiguelw4.docx