Use the data attached, make a report to find out if there is

Use the data attached, make a report to find out if there is a mother’s education level would affect a baby’s weight. Need two sample t-test, 95% C-I, with tables and figures (including a boxplot) Need it in an hour. This data set contains a sample of 1487 births from the 2006 Linked Birth/Infant Death Birth Cohort Data Set (USA). The aim of this data set is to explore factors related to an infants birthweight and to determine reasons for poor pregnancy outcome. The variables are defined as follows: VariableDescriptionsexSex of baby; F=female, M=malebirthwtWeight of baby in grams at birthpluralNumber of babies born in the same pregnancymageMothers age (years)meducMothers education level (1=8th grade or less; 2=9th through 12th grade with no diploma; 3=High school graduate or GED completed; 4=Some college credit, but not a degree; 5=Associate degree (AA,AS); 6=Bachelor�s degree (BA, AB, BS); 7=Master�s degree (MA, MS, MEng, MEd, MSW, MBA); 8=Doctorate (PhD, EdD) or Professional Degree (MD, DDS, DVM, LLB, JD); 9=Unknown; Blank=Not on certificate)mstatusMothers marital status (1=married; 2=not married)prenatalPrenatal care (1 to 9 = month prenatal care began)inductionWas the labor induced? (N=no, Y=yes)gestEstimated weeks of gestation at birthgeestdiabMother had gestational diabetes? (0=No; 1=Yes)cigsNumber of cigarettes mother smoked per daypooroutPoor pregnancy outcome (stillbirth, small for gestational age, pre-term birth). (1=Yes, 0=No) Attachments: infants_sample.xlsx