Unit 2 Assignment The Anarchical InstitutionPurposeA facult

Unit 2 Assignment: The Anarchical InstitutionPurposeA faculty member in your department has decided to leave your formerly collegial institution, and has landed a job at an institution which can be classifies as Anarchical. Power appears to be diffused, there is some level of politics and your colleagues feels very disempowered with little to no influence on the broader strategic direction of the institution. Your colleague’s new institution is quite different and he asks for your help in making sense of this new situation. In particular, your colleague has always been involved in college wide decisions and has taken pride in influencing how an institution can grow and develop , and is not sure of the best way to get involved in governance at his new institution. To help your friend, you decide to prepare some information to help him analyze the Anarchical Institution including its communication structure, reward structure and leadership structure, as well as decision making characteristics and the model and role of the faculty senate. Describe the best approach for your colleague to analyze the current work condition and create the best approach for a successful career .InstructionsBased on the information above, write a 3–4 page paper that describes the anarchical institution and its many unique characteristics. Described to your colleague the unique features of the anarchical organization including leadership and communication styles, and how your colleague should approach the new work environment. Describe for your colleague what he/she should look for in his institution and the best approach for him to engage and contribute to the success of the organization. The paper must follow the format provided below and use the following topics as headings:IntroductionThe introduction states the purpose of the paper and provides some background and context. This section of the paper is 1 paragraph. Do not use “Introduction” as a heading, however, as that would not be consistent with APA 6th ed. style. Provide a title that represents the overall theme of your paper.Working at an Anarchical InstitutionIn 2 pages, describe the unique elements of an anarchical institution including leadership, communication, scope of influence and its unique garbage can decision making model. Also, highlight organizational elements of power, source of meaning and how one is perceived coworkers. Also, discuss whether an anarchical institution would be likely to function effectively, and what kind of working environment it is likely to provide for faculty and staff. Be sure to provide some advice for a faculty member interested in becoming involved in shared governance.ConclusionThe conclusion summarizes the major points of the paper and reiterates its purpose. It ties everything together in a concise manner. The conclusion is 1 paragraph long.The total length of the paper is 3–4 pages (approximately 1000 words), exclusive of the cover and reference pages. Make sure to include proper cover and reference pages and follow APA style.