u3l2-Lesson Assignment – Election of 1912After completing th

u3l2-Lesson Assignment – Election of 1912After completing the activities in this lesson, in a new word document, detail the issues behind the election of 1912 and the candidates involved. Explain why Wilson won the election with such a resounding number of votes and what that says about American Society in 1912. Finally answer the question: ‘How did the election of 1912 change America?’u3l4Lesson Assignment – Spanish American WarIn this assignment, you are to put yourselves in the role of a journalist who has been asked to report events consistent with yellow journalism. Create a headline that would be considered yellow journalism for each event listed below.Sinking of the USS MaineSpanish-American WarThe Boxer RebellionAnnexation of Hawaiiu3l6-Lesson AssignmentBelow is an excerpt of a personal war experience and a corresponding image done by a soldier who saw the fight first hand. After reading and analyzing both, write a poem from the point of view of a soldier that depicts both the same event as the excerpt and same mood as the image.ExcerptNeil S. Madeley, Company C’In the early morning the lieutenant came up and gave orders to get our gun fix[ed] for going over the top at 5:15. At the proper time we began the advance 15 degrees west of north. Unfortunately we got ahead of the infantry and advanced to a point of a pine thicket, a place badly exposed to the enemy and a place where they had previously aimed their guns on account of the prominence. Before we could get the gun set the Bosch had discovered us. They lost no time in letting us know it. All at once their machine guns laid a barrage; their heavy artillery belched its volley, and their snipers took aim. In a short time, one sergeant lay dead, the result of a sniper’s shot. Just a little later our gallant lieutenant and our runner were killed by a shell. At the same time wounded comrades could be heard gasping for help.During the clash our infantry rushed up and made a daring effort to cross the opening. Once they were repulsed but after a few familiar commands, the daring Americans pushed on despite the fact that fate was imminent. ‘On, Over the top’ was the cry and the Sammies occupied the ground where dead Germans lay beside the guns that had just felled our heroes.u3l8Lesson Assignment – Dear President HooverWrite a letter to President Hoover from the point of view of the family in the photo. Tell him the story of how your family got to this point. Include what you think he needs to do to help Americans who share experiences similar to yours.u3l9Lesson Assignment – Critics of FDR’s New DealNot everyone loved the New Deal. Analyze the cartoon below and answer the two questions that follow.Identify the point of view of the cartoonist. How did you determine point of view? What in the cartoon tells you this?What would be the cartoonist’s purpose? What in the cartoon helped you figure out the message of the cartoon?