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Type of Paper: Business Plan Topic:  Bitfit Care Total Word Count:  4000 words (Approx 1333 words already written so far) Reference style: APA Duration: 15 hours  Paper Instructions For this task, you are writing a business plan. I have so far completed 1/3 of the business plan. I will attach it in kind. The calculations in tables do not make part of the total word count. This is an Entrepreneur Venture Corporation.  Below describes what I have done so far: ‘Product: Fitbit care Problem to solve:Vulnerable loved ones go missing all the time. We hear it in the news and the thought of never seeing the people you care about most again can be traumatising. About 35,000 Australians go missing a year. More than half of that population are children. Solution:In response to this particular problem, Fitbit will develop an inovative product line called Fitbit Care. This solution offers a user friendly device which allows a carer to closely monitor and contact the vulnerable with the use of GPS and 4G technology. It is available in various models which can be worn as a watch or clipped to clothing or a bag.Functionalities of the watch/clip include:GPS functionality allows locations services that is linked to the app and provides recorded routes of their previous activitiesGuardian feature provides wearer voice instructions on how to locate the closest safe spot/sPanic/SOS button which automatically transmits the coordinates of the wearer to the app user/sContingency functions allows an alternate app user to be notified if the initial app user does not respond within given time frameSpecial notifications available for when the watch or clips has been dislodged, when battery is low otr I have attached the marking rubric, instruction rubric as well as what I have done so far. Please don’t rush to place bids. Go through the instructions above carefully before going for the bid. This is a very sensitive activity so if you have never done a business plan, don’t bid for this job because I don’t want a job poorly done.  Attached are:Incomplete Business plan Marking guideInstruction Sheet  PLEASE ENGAGE WITH ME INCASE YOU NEED CLARIFICATION ON SOME INFORMATION.   Attachments: fitbit_care2.docx marking_guide_50_percent_business_plan.docx bsman3004_cd_sem1_2016.pdf