Track A GENDER“Cat in the Rain&nbspby Ernest HemingwayThe

Track A: GENDER“Cat in the Rain’ by Ernest Hemingway’The Story of an Hour’ by Kate ChopinTrack B: CLASS and ECONOMICS’A&P’ by John Updike’Paul’s Case’ by Willa CatherAfter selecting Track A or Track B, complete all of the assignments choices below for Thinking About Theme.Thinking About ThemeUsing your track of choice, please answer the following questions pertaining to two of the selections you read. Please use complete, substantial sentences to answer the questions, and include in our answers textual support from the works you are analyzing.What do the titles of the works suggest, if anything?Explain the effectiveness of point of view in each work to convey a possible theme.What themes stand out to you about each work? What elements are present in the works that lead you to select those themes?How do these themes fit or stray from what you have learned about each literary movement? To which movement(s) does each work belong? Why?Briefly describe the events in America when these works were written. How have these events possibly influenced the writer and his or her work? Cite any sources using in-text citations and a reference page.ReferencesCat in the rain. (n.d.). Retrieved from the English and Media Center Web site: story of an hour. (n.d.). Retrieved from the Virigina Commonwealth University Web site: