total 2 pages with no plagarized&nbspDefine your MBTI (the lett

total 2 pages with no plagarized Define your MBTI (the letters and what they mean) and reference your textbook toexplain the description of your type out of the 16 types listed.  • My MBIT is ESTJReference your textbook and explain in detail what kind or type of jobs are a good fitwith your personality profile? (20%)• Target your ideal position in an Internet job search, provide a position description andaccess if the job fits your personality. If it does not, what types of jobs might suit yourprofile. Use at least two (2) quality references – one should be your textbook. Note: Wikipediaand other Websites do not quality as academic resources. The position as PM r any CEO here is the text book linkCarter, C. & Izumo, G. (2013). The career tool kit: Skills for success (4th ed.). Upper SaddleRiver, NJ: