topic of dissertation is shadow banking and comparable study

topic of dissertation is shadow banking and comparable study of US., China and Europemake changes to chapter 3 of dissertation (on shadow banking)page 2 Restate research questions exactly as written inChapter 1. State and define central concept(s)/phenomenon(a) of the study.Identify the research tradition (e.g., qualitative and the selected design suchas narrative research, case study, phenomenology, ethnography, or grounded theory).Provide a rationale for the chosen tradition. Explain why other possiblechoices would be less 10Identify each data collection instrument and source (e.g.,observation sheet, interview protocol, focus group protocol, videotape,audiotape, artifacts, archived data, and other kinds of data collectioninstruments). Identify the source for each data collection instrument (i.e., publishedor researcher produced).page 13 For each type of data collected, identify: Connection of data to a specific research question.Type of and procedure for coding.Any software used for analysis.Manner of treatment of discrepant cases.length is 9-12 additional pagesAPA style; inline citationsattachments chap1 and chap 3