Topic (( GMO labels))((( Read the attachment please)))You w

Topic: (( GMO labels))((( Read the attachment please)))You will write an arguemantative essay on an important issue related to the food industry supported by your own research. Use your own words.(( 4 to 5 pages)) in 24 hours.((( YOU MUST USE AT LEAST 4 ACADEMIC RESOURCES* IN ADDITION TO Omnivore’s Dilemma RETRIEVED ((( YOUNG READERS EDITION))You must use MLA format.Majority of your information should be paraphrased from your sources.————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Intro:- background.- research questions.- thesis (create a prompt and answer it) Possible body paragrph:- background/ summary.- no opinions from you just information report.- no argument. Use PCEA strategy:P- point ( Arguement/ opinion)C- counter arguement ( Possible argeument)E- evident (Evidence supporting your point)A- analysis ( How your points + examples connect. How your point is better than the (counter argument) Conclusion:- summarize essay points.- your conclusion.- thesis same or different. Essay:IntroBackgroundProblemProblemSolutionConclusion Attachments: fullsizerender_copy.jpg fullsizerender.jpg