To prepare for this AssignmentReview the Learning Resources

To prepare for this Assignment:Review the Learning Resources and the media programs related to t tests.Also, review the t test scenarios found in this week’s Learning Resources and consider the three different approaches of t tests:Independent sample t testPaired sample t testOne sample t testBased on each of the three research scenarios provided, open the High School Longitudinal Study dataset or the Afrobarometer dataset from this week’s Learning Resources using SPSS software, then choose and run the appropriate t test.Once you perform your t test analyses, review Chapter 11 of the Wagner text to understand how to copy and paste your output into your Word document.For this Assignment:Write a 2- to 3-paragraph analysis of your t test results for each research scenario and include the SPSS syntax and output. Based on your results, provide an explanation of what the implications of social change might be.Use proper APA format, citations, and referencing for your analysis, research questions, and output.