Throughout history mankind has preserved evidence of his exi

Throughout history mankind has preserved evidence of his existence, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. In the late nineteenth century some Europeans began the custom of enclosing a collection of goods in ‘time capsules’ to be opened by future generations. Time capsules allow those who open them to glimpse into what life was like in the past.Your assignment is to create a hypothetical time capsule of 10 items that represent modern day society. Imagine that this capsule is to be opened in two hundred years. What do you want people 200 years in the future to understand about contemporary society? You should choose your 10 items accordingly. Your capsule should have a consistent message or theme. (Examples-life in modern Memphis, modern Tennessee, the U.S. etc.) You should mention who you hope your audience will be (that is, who should open the capsule). Also, you should specify where you will leave the time capsule and why. (You can choose anywhere on the globe.)Your paper should list each object with a clear detailed description. These 10 objects can be anything that can be moved and will fit into a 3 foot cubic space. Mention why you selected each object and how it ties into your capsule’s overall theme. How do you think people will interpret these objects?Your essay must be a minimum of 500 words, double-spaced. Your essay will be evaluated for content, coherence and integration of ideas. Good grammar is expected. No slang is allowed.