Threat Assessment PaperThe US Department of State is seeking

Threat Assessment PaperThe US Department of State is seeking to establish additional US embassy locations throughout the world and has organized a multiagency task force to provide detailed assessments of global hot spots. You are an analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) assigned to the task force. You have been charged with conducting a threat assessment of Somalia. You will present your assessment in a briefing to the US secretary of state, who will provide a copy of your report to the United Nations.Instructions:Utilizing a minimum of four different credible sources cited in APA format, compose a 6- to 8-page research paper (including a title page, a body, a reference page, and in-text citations) that addresses each of the following questions and topics. You are preparing this paper to be read by the United Nations. Please be cognitive of your language and tone.Develop a global threat assessment of Somalia. This will involve an in-depth process of securitization regarding Somalia. Your assessment must include all of the following components:Population Demographics (gender, age, ethnicity, religion, etc.)Ethnic and Identity ConflictsMilitary Structure (state actors)Human Rights IssuesEconomic StabilityNatural ResourcesGovernance/Political StabilityEducational SystemHealth and Disease IssuesTerrorist Organizations and Other Nonstate actorsEvaluate the assessment. Analyze the pros and cons of each component. As you evaluate your threat assessment, keep in mind the foundational goals of US embassies around the globe.Propose a positive or negative recommendation that addresses the feasibility of Somalia as a potential location for a US embassy.Justify your recommendation for a US embassy in Somalia in great detail by providing specific facts. Utilize diplomacy or conflict resolution techniques to justify your recommendation.