This writtenassignment is part of your course work as outlin

This writtenassignment is part of your course work as outlined in the syllabus. Pleaseensure that you complete and submit this assignment on or before WednesdayApril 11, 2016.  Youhave been recently hired as an accounting manager by a new company NewCorporation Merchandising Corporation. The company is engaged in manufacturingfurniture. You are required to implement a computerized accounting system usingQuickbooks. Accordingly, you arerequired to explain how to: create a chart of accounts, customers’ profiles, andvendors’ profiles , bank reconciliations, prepare monthly financial statementsand set up the payroll system for the employees etc. Please note that someemployees are salaried employees and some are paid hourly wages. Employees areentitled to paid holidays, paid vacation and paid sick time while thoseemployees who are paid hourly wages are entitled to time and a half for any overtime.  Note you are not preparing actualinvoices or making actual payments but ratherexplain how it is being done.   You are required to summarize in at least three pages using APA format how youwould accomplish these tasks. Hint: You should be able to distinguish betweenaccounts receivables and accounts payables, receipt of payment on account andcash sales.  Pleasenote that:  The font style should be TimesNew Roman, font size 12 point and sentences should be doubled spaced. Pleaseensure you include the reference/references. For your convenience a sample of areference is provided using APA formatting:ReferenceAlbrecht, W. S., Albrecht, C.C.,Albrecht C. O. & Zimbelman, M. (2009).   Fraud   examination(3rdEd.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.Hint replace this with Horne, J…….