This text will be in outline form based on four or five head

This text will be in outline form based on four or five headings:Introduction and relevance to Hospitality Trend in general and its importance Case study number 1 with the reference of the article you have read (Harvard style). Case study number 2 [optional] Conclusion TOPIC: GENDER ISSUESKeywords: sex, gender, gender identity, homophobia, sexual inequality, sexuality, transgender, sexual orientation, lesbian, gay, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, stereotypes, LGBTQ, gender role, transsexual, sexism, stratisfication,  2500 words essay on a single contemporary issue affecting the hospitality sector will be based on a range of sources including books, journals and articles.The purpose of the essay is to enable students to select a contemporary issue in the industry and explore it in-depth while discussing both personal opinion and its relevance to the current work culture.The focus of this course is on professional as well as personal development. Hence students are encouraged to consistently summarise their thoughts on an issue in relationship to their own professional growth.Demonstration of insight, synthesising thoughts and summarising main points are important. You may use lecture information as a starting point for your essay but should demonstrate a deep level of exploration.Full Harvard Style Reference, In-Text Refernece, NO PLAGIARISM, Grammar check