This task really needs time. This is the most important part

This task really needs time. This is the most important part of this whole class, do not answer this question if you are not familiar with the theories in this book, ‘Health Behavior Theory for public health’. And this should be a video since video can get a better score, and the voice behind the powerpoint should be a girl with no accent (Chinese accent is acceptable). If you don’t know how to create a video from a ppt, here is the link the powerpoint should be funny  and interesting. You can see the example which i will share through Facebook. Keep contact with me to make sure you can see the video.The TA created this video aimed at getting kids to wash their hands. This is one among many forms of media aimed at changing health behavior. Your intended audience will heavily influence the medium you choose.  Remember: creativity is a part of the grade.TeachingTechnique Assignment InstructionsThe purpose of this assignment is to expose you to a wide variety of healthtopics and theory-informed teaching techniques designed to get people to changetheir behavior.  The assignment has two parts.  FIRST, you will create some form of digital health educationmaterial.  This could be a 5-10 minute video,Powerpoint presentation, poster, or other form of digital media if approved bythe instructor.At a minimum you will be required to highlight the following in themedia you create:  1) Health topic2) Intended audience3) Theory and constructs usedThe picture here is a explanation about how to get a satisfied score.