this is the first discussion……..For this discussion, you

this is the first discussion……..For this discussion, you will create a “virtual time capsule.” Select three artifacts from three different units in the course that you would like preserved for reflection 100 years from now. If someone were to open this time capsule in 100 years and discover these three items, what would you want them to know? Introduce each item one at a time, explain its role in our time, and explain why you feel the work would be important in the future.For each artifact, you should compose at least one paragraph.  Use and cite the text as you explain course concepts of each item. However, you do not need to choose artifacts from the text. Instead, be creative about your selections. You may choose a work of art created by a family member, a photograph of your hometown, a film that you disliked, or music that stirs a reaction in you. Just be sure to introduce the item to someone who would not be familiar with our present popular culture, indicate why this selection is significant to you.  Then explain why this item is worth preserving for someone 100+ years in the future? Also, what does this selection communicate about our culture today?        Ethical Considerations and Parental Involvement this is discussion num 2………In this week’s reading, you delved into the ethical practices that are unique to the early childhood professional. In discussion, you will discuss this as well as the types of moral language and pedagogical experiences that you will find in this setting.Describe a care-as-worry scenario that you may experience in the parents that release the care of their child to you. Provide information in your scenario that describes how you will alleviate the parents worry through strategies that promote home to school connections. Please use references from you research.Compose your own ethical statement concerning the communication between the school and home.