This is for two Windows Server 2012 discussion topic respons

This is for two Windows Server 2012 discussion topic responses. The requirements are as follows:*Complete and coherent response to each discussion topic, fully addressing the discussion topic or question. Demonstrates understanding of concepts.*200 words for each response.*References: Includes at least one trustworthy and scholarly resource in the response and uses correct APA formatting for the citation and reference.Topic 1: Provide a brief description for each DHCP message that would be exchanged, in order, if the DHCP server is in the middle of rebooting during an initial lease request but comes up seconds later.  Answers might be slightly different depending on when you choose exactly for the DHCP server to come online.  Feel free to use a diagram if you wish, and provide a rough description of timing of the messages and/or duration between them.Topic 2: Consider a large network with many desktops, laptops, and networked printers.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of short versus long lease times?  Consider if the DHCP server is unavailable for a short time – what are the impacts if lease time is short, or if lease time is long?  What do you expect is a typical lease time for most large organizations with desktops, servers, wireless devices, networked printers and other networked devices (e.g., network-connected HVAC controllers, IP camera systems)?