This is a team paper. 1 and 2 are the guardrails to complete

This is a team paper. 1 and 2 are the guardrails to complete. C is the topic area I need to cover and below C is what I proposed to expand on. Strategic AnalysisAssignment  1.   External/InternalAnalysisAnanalysisofthemacroenvironmentandindustrystructureinwhich yourorganizationcompetes,aswell as an analysis of the resources, capabilities and activities of your organization. Paper should notexceed 2500 words (please use 12 point font) plus exhibits, tables and figures. Due on Sunday of week 10 before 11:59PM (Pacific Time). It accounts for 40% of the SAA’sgrade. 2.   StrategyPaperIn the paper we should present a strategic plan for gaining or maintaining competitive advantage.The answers should be supported by a strategic overview of the organization within itscompetitive environment including background on the industry and the competitive set, the roots and evolution ofthe organization’s success (e.g., their capabilities/competencies, business strategy, corporatestrategy, strategic decisions, etc.), how the organization has changed over time, new and emergingcompetitors, industry forces acting on the organization, outlook for the industry, major opportunities and threats.Your teammustdotheresearchontheorganizationtounderstanditssituationandthenrecommendactionsto achieve or maintain competitive advantage. Due on Sunday of week 10 before 11:59PM (PacificTime).  C) Sobeys Store & Corporate Resources  The corporate culture of Sobeys is clear with a focus on excellence in fresh food, a commitment to customer service, and highly engaged employees. Sobeys owns and operates more than 1,800 corporate and franchise locations in the Canadian Market. These stores are across all regions of Canada and includes numerous banners such as Sobeys, Price Choppers, and Thrifty Foods to name a few. These different banners allow Sobeys to deliver different strategies of having the right products at the right prices determined by who they compete with such as Wal-Mart as a discounter or Loblaw as a conventional grocery retailer.  Sobeys owns 41.6 of Crombie REIT as of 2014 which allows Sobeys to have a strong partnership with a real estate company and continue to develop areas of expansion through capital growth by adding square footage sales. This paper will expand into further details of the real estate resources Sobeys has, what the firm’s plans are for future growth, and how Sobeys maximizing their store formats to maintain and grow market share.