This is a one page assignment based on a chapter, that i wil

This is a one page assignment based on a chapter, that i will sent after bid.You must turn in a journal entry for each reading that indicates at the top of the page whichreading it is (with the author, chapter number, and chapter title). A journal entry should be aone-page, single-spaced (it can be double-spaced if you have room), typed, summary and reviewof the reading in question. It should have two sections. In the first section, you should provide abrief synopsis of the reading that identifies the key themes, thesis, and key points. The secondsection should contain your evaluation of the readings. How does the reading connect with thediscussion in the class or with other topics we cover? How does it connect with current events oractions of recent presidents? How does it relate to other things you know, have learned in thisclass or others?Try to keep each entry to single spaced page (to save the trees and to save your time andmine). Your grade will not be affected if you go over or under a single page as long as youfulfill the assignment as described above. Please print double sided if at all possible if a summaryis over one page, and always staple multiple pages together.