This is a huge project and I want you to read all of the dir

This is a huge project and I want you to read all of the directions included the uploaded files I’ll provide you the BOOK with all images. ( Magge’s book) If you don’t know how you do it or you got confuse don’t accept it please. arth | history of graphic design | timeline projectWhat is the overall history of graphic design? Art is influenced by its predecessors, as well as its cultural context. This is especially true for graphic design, which sits at the crossroads of fine art and communication, reflecting and reinforcing its specific social constructs.In past ARTH4573 classes, a research paper has been demanded; however, this becomes too specific because it is about one artist or movement. In addition to this, graphic designers should prefer the substantial challenge to translate a large amount of verbal information into a concise visual. With regards to audience cognition of a page (or site) and visual hierarchy for inviting information delivery, mixed together with budget/ schedule and its artistic cousin form/content, the entire history of graphic design will be executed via a visual timeline. Students must still cite all information and images correctly displaying proper research methods.Because this is a 4000 level course, students will work independently with the same deadlines throughout the semester regarding the same project. This should grow and evolve within the semester instead of finishing it at the last minute. Figure out your schedule NOW because this project is huge, both in scope and execution.There are certain specifications that students must follow. Everything else is up to the student’s individual problem-solving. The execution must be a form of graphic design and deliver information in an approachable manner. Students are only allowed to execute this piece in a digital form, as printing is far too expensive. Any of the following are allowed: • PowerPoint file• Keynote file• Google Slides file• Multi-Page Book PDF exported from InDesign only (no Office or Illustrator files) • Website file(s), not live• Other ideas may be presented to me within the first 3 weeks of the semester. Thefile type cannot be accessible to the public, like a free website that is not password protected. Also understand how many pages this will involve!Student will create one large timeline from c. 15,000 BCE (Cave Paintings at ) Lascauxto the beginning of the 21st century, following the Meggs timelines provided within the textbook. This timeline will not be an exact copy, as Meggs will break certain time periods up per the chapter discussing the subject (like “The Asian Contribution”). This project demands ONE timeline (though thousands of years of nothing happening can be a smaller area than it should actually be). See below for words and images that must be on the timeline. Do not include any extra images.An explanation of the following periods (see next page) must also be worked into the timeline. See the paragraphs that must be included online TIMELINE_TEXT_PROJ_ SPR17.DOC. If you do not have a version of Word that will open this, please see me. Classical AntiquityInfluence of the Silk Road Medieval Eraproblemobjectivesspecsprojecttext text (cont.)images and captionsbibliography page/slidetitle page/slideRenaissanceThe Age of EnlightenmentIndustrial RevolutionVictorian Era20th Century then at the 20th Century, begin to break things into decades:1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s,1980s, 1990s 21st CenturySee “TIMELINE_IMAGES_PROJ_SPR17.DOC” for all required images. Any other correct images are encouraged for extra credit. Please note the images listed have only key words, while each of your images must have the following information attached in some way as your caption:Artist’s name (if available), Name of Artwork, Year Created, Medium (if available) For example:Jan Tschichold, Cinema Poster for Die Hose (The Trousers), 1927,ink on paperBE SURE that the caption is correct and VISIBLE below all images.You may acquire these images by scanning Meggs or finding them online. Just be surethat these are high enough resolution for whatever your final project will be. If you donot understand what this means, please see me or talk to a graphic design major. Consider getting into study groups and finding images together, as this is not cheating. Doing the exact same project is cheating. Be aware that there are differences in this semester’s requirements vs. earlier semesters that I will check. If you use information from a previous semester, I will know and consider your file a copied document. You will fail the project and I will report plagiarism to the department.You will need one bibliography slide or page at the end of your presentation/book. This must be completed in Chicago style. Everyone will include this citation in the bibliography with the edition of the book (check year and authors too) you are using adjusted.:Meggs, Phillip B. and Alston W. Purvis. Meggs’ History of Graphic Design, 5th Edition. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2012.For other books, sites, podcasts, etc. from which you gathered information, see online sources for Chicago Manual of Style’s correct BIBLIOGRAPHY (not footnote/endnote) citation method.>> Websites from which images were pulled are not necessary for you to cite only forthis project in this class. Never claim you took the picture and never sell your work as a commercial product. An academic paper would require proper citation and selling imagery that you do not own breaks copyright laws. This is also why I am not allowing any project to be turned in via a publicly accessible form like a website that is not password-protected.Include a title page or slide in your finished project that includes:Your First and Last Name ARTH-4573 SPG17 Preliminary Research:• Search for images either by yourself or in groups. There are almost 300 images to find. See PDF on explaining how to most efficiently search for images with a high enough resolution. There are also online sources from which you can find images like,, and I need a screenshot of the work PART B: VISUAL PROOF OF PROGRESS ( I have uploaded an image to show you what I need for this part after 4 days I need you to make a screenshot for the work while you working on it . • Visual proof that you have begun your Timeline Project. Take a screen shot and add as a Comment to the Facebook post that will be available the Monday that this is due. Do not Post this, but Comment to my Post asking for them.DUE: I will Post on our FB group asking for Commented proof of progress on Monday March April 3rd. You must Comment to this Post before CONTINUE WORKING:Work on this project according to your schedule. Remember, this is replacing a 4000-level research paper. You must set aside time and put forth effort to do your best on the project. Because this is a 4000-level course, I trust you can work independently. Therefore, the next time I will require anything from you will be the final finished project.Optional: Questions answered after class regarding the project, including how to hand files in, problems you are running into with software, etc.File types accepted: PDF, PPT or PPTX, HTML and other web files in a folder, or KEY (Keynote file)I will collect files only in the following ways:>> Dropbox link: email link to Be sure the link works by testing it with a friend or family member before the due date.>> Flash drive: Place in envelope with your last name written clearly on the envelope. I will return the flash drive to you on the day of your final. DUE: All files due to me by 3pm, Monday May 1st (last day of class). You will be graded on the following: Part A IMAGE FILES (screen shot): • Complete – Y N• Deadline met – Y NPart A IMAGE CITATIONS:• Complete – Y N• Deadline met – Y NPart B TIMELINE PROGRESS• Deadline met – Y NFINAL PROJECT EVALUATION:• Directions were followed accurately with absolutely no errors.• Legible flow of information.• Timeline Text (see file) included.• Captions clear and legible.• Only required visuals included.• Image resolution is high enough to be clear.• Title page/slide included.• Bibliography page/slide included.• Bibliography page/slide is correct.• File turned in correctly and works with no problems.• Ambition – How much did you challenge yourself? Did you plan your time well? OPTIONAL COMMENTS: (brief written critique here if necessary)FINAL GRADE: (percentage and letter grade) I have uploaded the time line images and text you check them out.