This is a concept map on discharge teaching for a 1st time m

This is a concept map on discharge teaching for a 1st time mother. You are teaching her all she needs to know to care for herself and the baby.You must cover teaching on postpartum physiological and psychological care for mom and baby care teaching for the baby. We cover a lot about the postpartum mom’s physical needs/changes, warning signs and the followup she will need for herself and then think of what you need to teach her about the baby’s needs. use your textbook and reputable websites and articles to support your teaching. I am looking for a teaching plan.The content must address the guidelines as stated in the scenario and my email. The paper should be coherent and appropriately cited. It must be a concept map with clearly defined topics. How things are connected should be clear and easy to follow.The content presented is grammatically correct and appropriately presented. Almost entirely free of punctuation and errors. The presentation is consistent and facilitates reading and comprehension. The appropriate case is used throughout the paper.the references should not be other than 5 years