This exercise relates to Chapter 10 (and more).Theplacement

This exercise relates to Chapter 10 (and more).Theplacement office at TAMUCC has hired you to assist it in determiningthe size of starting salaries and the range of salary offers received bygraduating seniors. The placement office has always gathered someinformation about salaries in that some students voluntarily report thename of the company they work for and their starting salary through thealumni relations department. The office feels that these statistics maybe biased and wishes to approach the whole tasks more systematically.Spend some time thinking about the issues you would face and thedecisions you would need to make to obtain the desired information fromlast year’s graduating seniors.To receive credit for this exercise, create a new journal entry and answer the following questions:Basedon what you’ve learned so far this term, briefly explain thequestionnaire administration method you would select for this study(e.g., internet, mail, etc…).Describe how you would select asample of respondents to answer questions about starting salaries. Whywould you use this particular sample? Do you think it might bepreferable to canvass all graduating seniors instead of relying on asample? Why or why not?What types of nonsampling errors mightyou expect to encounter with this study? Be specific (speculate asnecessary to explain the types of errors and the source/cause of theerrors). How would you control for each type of nonsampling error?Givenyour selection of a data collection method above, what response ratewould you expect for this study? What techniques would you use toimprove the response rate? Explain.