This assignment is designed to help you use the sociological

This assignment is designed to help you use the sociological perspective to understand the nature of conflict in relationships.Part One.  Choose an episode of any 30-minute television sitcom that features a married or committed couple and take notes on how the couple communicates. (I was thinking Modern Family, or Parks and Recreation. Something along these lines.)1.  If the couple is having a conflict, do they follow or violate any of the 10 guidelines for working through conflict.  Be sure to take notes describing the behavior that you see. (the ten guidelines are as follows: -Express anger directly and with kindness-Check out your interpretation of others’ behavior-Avoid attacks, Use ‘I statements’-Avoid mixed or double messages-when you can, choose the time and place carefully-address a specific issue, ask for specific change, and be open to compromise-be willing to change yourself-don’t try to win-be willing to forgive-end the argument) 2.  Does the couple exhibit any of Gottman’s four types of destructive interactions – contempt, criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and belligerence  (see this link for Gottman’s four interactions: Two.  Now that you have taken careful notes, write a 2 page double-spaced paper about the patterns that you observed in the episode. Don’t summarize the episode’s plotline, but instead use the material from the chapter to sociologically describe the communication in the episode.At the end of the paper answer if you feel the couple in the sitcom gave an accurate representation of how couples have and resolve relationship conflicts based on what you’ve learned in this class along with your own personal experience.  Be specific with your explanation