These are questions I need help with. If someone could answe

These are questions I need help with. If someone could answer as many as possibly it would really help!1. how much energy must be added to 1200 g of water to raise the temperature from 14 degrees C to 29 degrees C?2. how much energy is removed from 12 kg of water to lower the temperature from 24 degrees C to 29 degrees C?3. removing 550 joules of energy decreased the temperature of water from 30 degrees C to 11 degrees C. What was the mass of the water?4. 19770 J of energy was added to 5.80 kg of iron. If the iron was originally at 25.0 degrees C what was the final temperature of the iron? (specific heat of iron is 0.45 J/g degrees C)5. What is the specific heat of a substance if removing 95.0 J of energy decreases the temperature of 5.0g of the substance from 42 degrees C to 27 degrees C?6. Which compound is the least soluble in water? a. barium phosphate    b. silver iodine     c. calcium sulfate     d. magnesium chromate7. Approximately how many grams of KCIO3 are needed to saturate 100 grams of H20 at 40 degrees C?8. How many grams of KN03 are needed to saturate 50 grams of water at 70 degrees C?9. Which quantity of salt will form a saturated solution of 100 grams of water at 45 degrees C?10. A solution contains 90 grams of KN03 is 100 grams of H20 at 50 degrees C is considered to be…. a. dilute and unsaturated     b. dilute and supersaturated    c. concentrated and unsaturated     d. concentrated and supersaturated11. A solution contains 14 grams of KCI in 100 grams of water at 40 degrees C. What is the minimum amount of KC1 that must be added to make this a saturated solution?12. What is the maximum number of grams of KCI(s) that will dissolve in 200 grams of water at 50 degrees C to produce a saturated solution?13. A 10.0-gram sample of H2O(l) at 23 degrees C absorbed 209 joules of heat. What is the final temperature of the H2O(l) sample?14. The temperature of 45 grams of water was raised to 65 degrees C by the addition of 4500 Joules of heat energy. What was the initial temperature of the water?