There are four prompts in the attachment (the first question

There are four prompts in the attachment (the first question can be found through out the first few slides) **The company that I have chosen is Apple, answer the prompts around Apple, Inc. Answer each prompt in paragraph format, follow the questions in the slides. The questions are shown( some slides repeat each part of the question)Write one page for each prompt covering the powerpoint slides and use examples in the required readingThe powerpoint slides basically asks the question and offers the answer, so write what the slide is telling you and pull examples from the text books and Apple, Inc Required BooksUse examples from the following text books:Marketing: An Introduction, 12th ed. by Armstrong and Kotler Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind Trout and Ries, McGraw-Hill, 2000. Contagious: Why Things Catch On Jonah Berger, Simon and Schuster, 2013Attachments: img_0348.jpg img_0349.jpg img_0350.jpg img_0351.jpg img_0352.jpg img_0353.jpg img_0354.jpg img_0355.jpg img_0356.jpg img_0357.jpg img_0358.jpg img_0359.jpg img_0360.jpg img_0364.jpg img_0365.jpg img_0366.jpg img_0367.jpg img_0368.jpg img_0369.jpg img_0370.jpg img_0371.jpg img_0373.jpg img_0374.jpg img_0376.jpg img_0377.jpg img_0379.jpg img_0380.jpg img_0381.jpg img_0382.jpg img_0383.jpg img_0384.jpg img_0385.jpg img_0387.jpg img_0389.jpg img_0391.jpg img_0392.jpg