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there are 3 different parts ontheir I need them on all separate page and labeled1.Selection and Resource ListFor your course project, submitthe company you have chosen, along with the product or service for which youwill conduct your marketing analysis. In your submission, provide a detaileddescription of the organization and its product or service. Provide a rationalefor your selection. Also, submit a list of four to five resources you will useto assist in your analysis.2. ProductAnalysisSubmit your analysis of the firstP (product) for your chosen company’s product/service as an attachment to thisassignment. The central focus of a marketing program will be on a product orservice. Your product analysis should include the company, competition, andcustomer requirements. You should also look at branding, design, productpositioning, and other elements that allow the company to either carving out aniche or maintain market share leadership against the onslaught of competitiveproducts.In your analysis, you shouldevaluate your competitors’ product strategies. Do they have the right brandingin place for the product? Does the product have a customer? Cite any resourcesyou use.3. Place andPrice AnalysisSubmit your analyses of the nexttwo P’s (place and price) for your chosen company’s product/service. Your placeanalysis should discuss distribution channels (how are they getting theirproduct to market?) It should also look at where the product is being sold andthe approach to inventory.Your price analysis shoulddescribe the pricing system in place. Is it cost-based, value-based, orcompetition-based, and how did you come to that determination? Include anevaluation of the pricing strategy in your analysis.