There are 2 discussion you need to write. you can write in o

There are 2 discussion you need to write. you can write in one word document. Discussion 1: (Facebook)Report 1:…Report 2: the file that named report 2 as belowReport 3: The file that named report 3 as below1). Highlight the two most interesting things you read from the three reports.2) Relate what you learned that might be helpful to your future career (the field you’re in, the specific company, whatever you think about). 3) Check out several Facebook fan pages in a specific industry (or multiple industries) and discuss how they compared based on what was reported for that industry in the report. Discussion 2: (Hashtag)There are some website about the information of hashtag…… your readings of hashtags, spend some time looking for hashtags used in business. For the posting, write about two hashtags. Discuss the creativity of the hashtag or maybe the simpleness of it to identify the brand. Notice the attention/following that this hashtag achieved. Was it worth the company’s effort? Write about anything else interesting concerning these two hashtags that you read in those articles or discussed with peers. Please comment on at least ONE of your peers’ posts for this discussion posting. (There are an example about this discussion)