The Sacred Edict – Good Answers

The Sacred Edict – Good Answers

Read “K’ang Hs’i The Sacred Edicts” Preview the documentand then write a
3-5 paragraph essay about this document. Be sure to clearly tell your
reader what you’ve read (title), who wrote it (author), when (dates),
where (place), and what the circumstances were. Tell your reader the
context for the document. Use quotations from the original document to
enhance your commentary. (Example, “The Emperor was obviously concerned
with filial piety because he stated, ‘……’”)

See the model essay and the rubric for further clarity if need be. A
great source of help is the History Department Writing Center (Schedule

Please note: “K’ang Hsi” is the old Wade-Giles romanization of 康熙 which we now spell “Kang Xi” in the Pinyin romanization.

You do not need to use any other resources than the primary document,
class lecture, and/or your textbook. If you do use any sources to inform
your essay, please make sure you cite them. See the Grading Rubric
before you submit your essay!

And, yes, you may use “I statements” now that you are in college! I want
to know what you think about each of the documents you will be writing
about over this semester.

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