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The professional can apply new electronic technologies and knowledge of those techniques in the following ways (Shelly, Gunter, & Gunter, 2010):For further and deeper professional developmentTo apply technologies a they aid productivityTo integrate e-learning technologies into “instructional strategies, lessons, student-based projects, and student assessments to improve student learning—in other words, throughout the curriculum”For this assignment, your task is to identify and describe a learning environment and create a curriculum plan for implementing e-learning in the environment that you choose. Considerations should include ways in which technology and networks may enhance productivity, including the following:How the curriculum can make use of e-learning in instructional strategies and lessonsHow student-initiated projects, homework, or work should integrate technology, including in-school technologies and portable devicesA preliminary training or development plan for affected personnel Use the curriculum planning guide to create your plan.  3-5 pagesAssignment ObjectivesDiagnose problems in curriculum, develop solutions based on formative evaluation, and integrate technology solutions into curriculum and instructionEvaluate curriculum using defined criteriaDiscuss societal and cultural forces which influence curriculum developmentReferenceShelly, G. B., Gunter, G. A., & Gunter, R. E. (2010). Integrating technology and digital media in the classroom (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.